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Road Train - ADR 63

Road Train - ADR 63
Tycab is the major manufacturer of Automotive cable in Australia, Tycab Road Train Cable is extremely tough and flexible, made to ADR 63 Road Train Specification and available in 5 and 7 cores.
Application:Road Train Wiring - Road Train SPEC ADR 63 MIN: 5mmsq (conductor area) MAX: 4 ohms/km (electrical resistance)
Conductor:OXYGEN FREE Plain Copper Wire to AS/NZS 1125
NOMINAL AREA (mm2):5.22
INSULATION THICKNESS (mm):0.6 (Sheath Thickness is 1.5)
Insulation:V90 PVC to AS/NZS 3808
Sheath:5V90 PVC to AS/NZS 3808
Outer Sheath Colour:Black
Core Colours:1. White 2. Yellow 3. Brown 4. Red 5. Green 6. Black 7. Blue
Part No Description Color Pack Size Price Qty
CAA-ECA65-100 5 Core Road Train 100m Roll Black 100m $1,109.50 
CAA-ECA65-30 5 Core Road Train 30m Roll Black 30m $384.06 
CAA-ECA67-100 7 Core Road Train 100m Roll Black 100m $1,495.55 
CAA-ECA67-30 7 Core Road Train 30m Roll Black 30m $566.26 
NOTE: All prices shown on this website are in Australian dollars and exclude GST.
Part No AWG Size No of Cores AMP Rating at 30C Nominal OD (mm) Mass (kg/100m) 
CAA-ECA65-100 10 30 14.7 40 
CAA-ECA65-30 10 30 14.7 40 
CAA-ECA67-100 10 28 16.5 52.1 
CAA-ECA67-30 10 28 16.5 52.1