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Skavenjaâ„¢ is a non-acidic grout haze, fresh efflorescence and rust stain remover scavenger gel cleaner. It is a multi-function cleaner that hunts down and dissolves fresh cement grout, efflorescence
Typical Application: Skavenjaâ„¢ is ideal for both vertical and horizontal porous surfaces that require cement grout haze or fresh efflorescence or rust stain removal. Eliminates the need to use conventional strong acid cleaning. It has a typical pH of 11 to 12.5.
Benefits:Suitable for all natural stone, tiles, pavers, masonry, concrete and grout. Perfect for acid sensitive surfaces including polished and unpolished marble, limestone, travertine and concrete. Multi-purpose water dilutable cleaner - removes grime, grease, rust and soiling. The gel makes vertical and horizontal applications easier and allows a longer dwell time on the surface.
Application Rate:1 gallon (3.79 L) may be mixed with up to 5 gallons (18.9 L) of clean water to treat approximately 1000 sq.ft. (100 sq.m.) of grout haze or efflorescence, depending on the of amount of haze or efflorescene and surface adsorption.
Part No Description Color Pack Size Price Qty
DRYTSKAV01 1Qt. (946mL) HANAFINN Skavenja Cleaner Nil 946mL $31.50 
DRYTSKAV04 1 G. (3.79L) HANAFINN Skavenja Cleaner Nil 3.79L $79.90 
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