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Cable Breakouts, End Caps and Repair Sleeves - CRSM Wrap-Around Heat Shrink

Raychem’s CRSM Wrap-Around Heat Shrink is a fast and permanent cable repair and sealing system. The repair sleeve is quickly fitted in place by means of its rail and channel closure. A moisture-proof insulating and tight-fitting repair is then obtained in one step by heating, which makes the sleeve diameter shrink and the adhesive coating melt and flow into interstices. Because of its heat-shrinkability, each CRSM Wrap-Around Heat Shrink size will fit several different cable diameters.

The adhesive in the CRSM Wrap-Around Heat Shrink exhibits excellent bonding and sealing characteristics to all materials commonly used in various cable and sheath constructions, such as plastic, rubber, lead and aluminium. CRSM Wrap-Around Heat Shrink are made of an abrasion and corrosion resistant semi-rigid material, and are one result of Raychem’s extensive capability in materials technology.

Raychem’s CRSM Wrap-Around Heat Shrink distinctive closure system, which incorporates a stainless steel channel slid over rails on the sleeve, keeps the wraparound in place during installation but can be easily removed when the adhesive has set. If you would like to know more about Raychem’s CRSM Wrap-Around Heat Shrink you can download the Raychem catalogue from the catalogue download section above. Alternatively if you would like to speak to one of our helpful staff you can call the number provided above or send your enquiry through to sales@engsup.com.au.