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Cable Breakouts, End Caps and Repair Sleeves - GHFC - Gel H-Frame Closure 1kV

Raychem’s GHFC H-Frame Gel Enclosure boxes provide a fast and simple method for insulating and environmentally sealing low voltage cable taps and splices made with H-frame compression connectors. The GHFC H-Frame Gel Enclosures utilises Raychem’s innovative PowerGel sealing gel to protect the connection from moisture ingress, corrosion and pollution.

The low voltage H-Frame Gel Enclosure is ideal for both underground and overhead applications and is especially useful for street lighting applications. Simply place the connection on the gel enclosure and press the closure together. It’s that easy – no tapes, mastics, tools or mixing are required. The GHFC H-Frame Gel Enclosure can be easily installed with one hand, even while wearing high voltage gloves.

The GHFC H-Frame Gel Enclosure saves time and money with no taping or tools required, installs in seconds thanks to the hinged closure allowing for one step installation, provides a water tight seal maintaining full insulating value in direct-buried applications, re-enterable and provides rugged protection as the casing is UV resistant, impact and abrasion resistant and qualified for working temperatures from -40C to 90C.

If you would like to know more about Raychem’s GHFC H-Frame Gel Enclosures you can download the Raychem catalogue from the catalogue download section above. Alternatively you can speak to one of our helpful staff by calling the number provided above, or send an email through to sales@engsup.com.au.