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Termco Heatshrink - Heat Shrink End Caps Adhesive Lined

Termco’s Heat Shrink End Caps are lined with an adhesive resin which when applied to heat will shrink and melt the resin, perfectly bonding to the cable and providing and excellent water-tight seal. The Heat Shrink End Caps are made form a UV Resistant Cross-Linked Polyolefin which ensures the end of the cable is protected when exposed to the elements. Along with weather protection, the Heat Shrink End Caps have a wide variety of alternate uses, including electrical insulation, abrasion resistance and protection from chemical exposure.

Where Termco’s range of Heat Shrink End Caps differs however, is the range of sizes available to the market. Along with the standard sizes ranging from 12mm to 160mm, Termco has a range of miniature Heat Shrink End Caps which are best suited to smaller low voltage applications. These miniature Heat Shrink End Caps range in size from 3mm to 9mm and are most commonly used in the Garden Lighting Applications due to their excellent protection from the elements and 3:1 shrink ratio.

If you require more information on Termco’s range of Heat Shrink End Caps you can download the catalogue from the catalogue section above. Alternatively you can contact one of our helpful staff on the number above, or send an email through to sales@engsup.com.au.