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Cable Breakouts, End Caps and Repair Sleeves - Heavy Wall Heat Srink (Halogen Free)

Raychem’s WCSM Heat Shrink is a heavy wall tubing for insulating and sealing power cables and accessories. In WCSM Heat Shrink tubing, the electrical and physical properties of a cable oversheath material are combined with ruggedness and easy installation.

On heating, the WCSM Heat Shrink tubing recovers to a smaller diameter, fitting tightly over a wide range of cable sizes and accessories because of its high shrink ratio. At the same time the tubing’s inner adhesive wall gives a dependable moisture seal over the most irregular shapes. WCSM Heat Shrink tubing’s mechanical strength enables immediate back-filling of cable trenches after jointing. Widely used to insulate, protect and seal power cable joints, accessories and electrical connections, it is one result of Raychem’s extensive capability in materials technology.

The material used in Raychem’s WCSM Heat Shrink is halogen-free and UV resistant. The inner sealant wall of the WCSM Heat Shrink exhibits excellent bonding and sealing characteristics to all materials commonly used in various cable insulation and sheath constructions, such as plastic, rubber, lead and aluminium.

If you would like to know more about Raychem’s WCSM Heat Shrink Tubing, you can download the Raychem catalogue from the catalogue download section above. Alternatively if you would like to speak to one of our helpful staff you can contact us on the number provided above or email your enquiry through to sales@engsup.com.au.