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Termco branded Cable Lugs and Links are designed to suit all types of cable that abide by the Australian Standards. Where the cable differs, so too does the application, which is why there are several types of Termco Cable Lugs and Links available to suit any customer's needs. The Termco Cable Lug and Link range includes, but is not limited to the following:
  • Standard Copper Crimp Lugs – For generic cable termination, the Termco Copper Crimp Lug provides a sturdy, reliable connection and solid crimp of any cable from 1.5mm2 – 1000mm2.
  • Copper Crimp Links (Butts) – For the connection of two cable ends, the Termco Copper Crimp Link is the best option for cable joints. The Termco Copper Crimp Link is available in 1.5mm2 – 630mm2 Cable.
  • Long Palm, Long Barrel Lugs –Available from 16mm2 to 630mm2, the long palm long barrel is available in a blank palm only and can be drilled to suit multiple mounting holes. It is a popular choice for applications where the palm needs to be at an angle to the cable, due to the length of the palm allowing enough room for the bend.
  • Copper Bell Mouth Lugs – are made with a Flared Cable Entry (similar looking to a Bell) to suit flexible cables, that when de-sheathed, often fray and become difficult to insert into the correct size copper tube. The flared entry allows for ease of insertion of any cable without having to go up a lug size and risking a weaker crimp connection. These are available in 10mm2 – 300mm2 with other sizes available made to order.
  • Narrow Palm / Circuit Breaker Lugs – are made with a flared cable entry, similar to the bell mouth lug and a narrower palm than the generic copper crimp lug. The Narrow Palm Lugs are made this way to allow easy insertion into smaller circuit breaker entries. The Narrow Palm Lug ranges from 35mm2 to 300mm2 with other sizes available made to order.
  • Reducing Links – Solid Copper tube that's been machined to size to suit a crimp connection between two differing sizes of cable. Available in a range of sizes from 300mm2 to 6mm2
  • C Connectors / C Crimps – Manufactured in the shape of a C, the C-Crimp is suited for the connection between main and tap copper conductors for both indoor and outdoor use. Varying sizes available.
All Termco Copper Lugs and Links are made to the highest possible specifications and are electro tinned finished. Manufactured to Australian Dimensions, the Termco Copper Lugs and Links comply with Australian Standards AS/NZ4325.1 and is fully compatible with existing Australian tooling. If you would like to know more about Termco Copper Lugs and links, you can download the Termco Catalogue from the Catalogue Download section above, alternatively you can speak to one of our helpful staff by calling the number listed above or sending an email to sales@engsup.com.au.