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Termco Heatshrink - Medium Wall Adhesive Lined

Termco’s Medium Wall Heat Shrink will ensure the best insulation and protection available within the Termco range. It proves extremely reliable in harsh conditions and in a large variety of applications. The Termco Medium Wall Heat Shrink is UV resistant, making it perfectly suited for various climatic conditions, with an operating temperature of -55C to +110C.The Medium Wall Heat Shrink comes standard with an adhesive coating on the inside of the tubing making it as a cable sheath replacement. The Medium Wall Heat Shrink is also available without the adhesive lining, making it perfect for use as an insulating or protective material.

The Medium wall tubing is only available in black and ranges in sizes starting at 12mm to 140mm with a approximate shrink ratio of 3.5:1 making it perfectly suited to a large variety of applications. If you would like to seek further information on our range of Termco Medium Wall Heat Shrink, you can download the catalogue from the catalogue section above. Alternatively you can contact one of our helpful staff on the number above, or send an email to sales@engsup.com.au.