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Cable Breakouts, End Caps and Repair Sleeves - RAYGEL Gelbox Connector

Raychem’s RayGel is a PowerGel Gel-filled Cable Joint suitable for single and multi-core polymeric cables up to 0.6/1kV. The RayGel Gel-filled Cable Joints are uniquely easy to install with a clean, snap-close design allowing it to be cold applied with the added bonus of UV Stability. The Raychem RayGel Gel-filled Cable Joint offers a state-of-the-art sealed joint for underground, direct buried overhead applications.

The RayGel Gel-filled Cable Joint uses the cutting-edge Raychem PowerGel sealing gel to cover and seal the joint quickly and easily, saving both time and effort. PowerGel sealing gel is rated to 90C continuous temperature with an unlimited shelf life. The RayGel Gel-filled Cable Joint is qualified to CENELEC HD623, the European specification for buried applications. This includes a three week heat-cycling test with the joint immersed in one meter depth of water. A test report with detailed information is available on request.

There are four sizes for straight and branch RayGel Gel-filled Cable Joints available, ranging for single core cables from 10 up to 50mm2 and for 3 to 5-core cables from 1.5 to 6mm2. If you would like to seek further details on the sizing or other information available, you can download the Raychem catalogue from the catalogue download section above. Alternatively if you would like to speak to one of our helpful staff you can call the number provided above or send your email enquiry through to sales@engsup.com.au.