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AC Sleeving

AC Sleeving
Acrylic Resin Coated Glass Insulating Sleeving - Vidaflex 942
Construction:Braided Glass
Thermal Classification:Class F 155F
Maximum Short Term Temperature:200C
Note:TYPICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Specially formulated acrylic resin coatings are applied as aqueous solutions and hence the sleeving manufacturing process has no significant environmental hazard.. The acrylic resin coated sleevings are characterised by excellent flexibility allied to high abrasion resistance and mechanical strength. APPLICATION: The Vidaflex 942 series of insulating sleevings are widely used for the insulation of winding lead outs and joints on Class F rated induction motors and alternators and on transformer/choke winding lead outs. Used in motor vehicle wiring harness manufacture for the bunching, consolidation and protection of cables.
Part No  Size (mm)   Colour  
ACS010BK 1  Black  
ACS010Y Yellow 
ACS020BK  Black  
ACS020Y Yellow 
ACS030BK Black  
ACS030Y Yellow  
ACS04BK  4  Black  
ACS04Y  Yellow 
ACS05BK  5  Black  
ACS05Y  5  Yellow  
ACS06BK  6  Black 
ACS06Y  6  Yellow  
ACS07BK  7  Black  
ACS07Y  7  Yellow  
ACS08BK  8  Black  
ACS08Y  Yellow  
ACS09Y  Yellow 
ACS10BK  10  Black  
ACS10Y  10 Yellow  
ACS12Y  12 Yellow  
ACS15Y 15 Yellow  
ACS20Y942 20 Yellow  
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