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Cable Markers - ECA-1 Cable Marker

Cable Markers - ECA-1 Cable Marker
EC Type Cable Marker
Material:Made of finest soft grade, strong, durable PVC that will resist oil. grease, acid abrasion and chemicals.
Colour:Yellow with Blank symbols
Note:Marker tongue spans to fit vairous cable diameters and retracts to hold wires firmly in position. Features high quality flexible interior to fit various cable diameters. Markers stay attached on a roller and can be despatched easily when needed. To be fitted before the terminal is attached or solder connection made.
Part No  Standard Marking   Dia. Range (Min - Max)   Pack Size  
ECA1-0 2.5~5.0  1000  
ECA1-1 2.5~5.0  1000  
ECA1-2 2.5~5.0  1000  
ECA1-3 2.5~5.0  1000  
ECA1-4 2.5~5.0  1000  
ECA1-5 2.5~5.0 1000  
ECA1-6 2.5~5.0  1000  
ECA1-7 2.5~5.0  1000  
ECA1-8 2.5~5.0 1000  
ECA1-9 2.5~5.0  1000  
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