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Expandable Sleeving

Expandable Sleeving
Expandable Braided Sleeving
Material:Braided Polyethelene Terephthalate Monofiliments
Flammability:UL224, method VW-1
Operating Temperature:-70C to +120C, melting point at 250C
Note:Expands to 300% of size while retaining roundness. Affords excellent protection for calbes at points of abbrasion. Resistant to salt, oil, most fuels and solvents. AUTOMOTIVE: provides mechanical protection and abrasion resistance for hydraulic hoses, tubing and wiring harnesses. The expandable nature of the braid affords ease of fitting over components with the spring back of the produce precluding other fixings. The sleeve holding iteself in situ. CABLE PROTECTION: the high bore expansion and retention of roundness make this sleevings ideal for use in the manufacture of wiring looms, especially where cables are connected to moving parts and are constantly flexed.
Part No Size Covering Min (mm)  Size Covering Max (mm)  Standard Roll Size (Metres)  
ES0310   3.0  10.0  250  
ES0620   6.0  20.0  150  
ES1230  12.0  30.0  100  
ES2040  20.0  40.0   50  
ES2560   25.0   60.0   50  
ES3070  30.0  70.0  50  
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