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Inline Fuse Holders

Inline Fuse Holders
Insulated In-line Splice Fuse Holder
Note:TS2M splice works in conjunction with the male Interlocking Nylon Disconnectors to provide a very fast and reliable in line T splice. Once fitted over the existing wire and closed, the INterlocking Disconnectors pushes onto the back to provide the connection.
Use:For in line splice and pigtail connection 0.75 to 6.0mm2
Part No  Description  Cable Size  Length Depth   Height  Max Dia over Cable Insulation  Voltage Rating  
TS1  Red Splice  0.8-2.0mm2   20  18  10   3.68mm  0-600V  
TS2   Blue Splice  1.0-1.5mm2  21  18   13  3.68mm 0-600V  
TS2FT   In-Line Fuse Holder 1.0-2.0mm2 35  25  12   3.68   0-32V  
TS2M  Nylon Splice  1.0-2.0mm2  10  18   12  3.68mm   0-600V  
TS5  Yellow Splice  1.5-6.0mm2   21  18 13 4.83   0-600V  
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