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Oxy-Klenza is a powerful oxygen-based, chlorine free cleaner for inside / outside, and residential / commercial applications. It is a multi-purpose cleaner that breaks down organic stains and soili
Typical Application:Oxy-Klenza is a powerful alkaline cleaner (typically pH 9-11) for tough, dried-in stains and soiling, including grease, mold, algae and leaf marks. It is safe for use on natural stone, tile, masonry, concrete, grout, vinyl and unfinished wood.
Benefits:Oxy-Klenza is a powder concentrate that goes further and is safer to transport / store. It also disinfects and breaks down odors. Oxy-Klenza™ is biodegradable – decomposing into oxygen, water and natural salts.
Application Rate:Typical usage rate of 2 scoops (180 g) of Oxy-Klenzaâ„¢ into a gallon (4 Litres) of warm water in an open bucket. This is typically enough to clean 80 sq.ft. (8sq.m.), depending on surface conditions.
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