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Heat Shrink - End Caps

Heat Shrink End Caps
Heat Shrink - End Caps
Heat Shrink - Heat Shrink End Caps
Material:Adhesive Lined, Self Extinguishing corss-linked polyolefin
Operating Temperature:-55C to +100C
Note:Ideal for low voltage cable termination, both indoor and outdoor providing excellent waterproof and environmental sealing. Moisture and Fungus resistant.
Part No Description Color Pack Size Price Qty
HSEC10052  Black $20.73 
HSEC1204   Black $2.87 
HSEC1405  Black 1 (55mm Long) $5.73 
HSEC14560  Black $30.94 
HSEC2006   Black $3.97 
HSEC3516   Black $6.92 
HSEC5526   Black $10.87 
HSEC7536   Black $14.52 
NOTE: All prices shown on this website are in Australian dollars and exclude GST.
Part No Unshrunk Min Diam (mm)  Shrunk Size Min Diam (mm)  Min Cable Diameter  Maximum Cable Diameter  
HSEC10052 100  52    
HSEC1204  12 4    
HSEC1405 14   
HSEC14560 145 60   
HSEC2006  20    
HSEC3516  35  16   
HSEC5526  55  26   
HSEC7536  75  36 40  60  
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