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P2 SRB Paper Sheet

P2 SRB Paper Sheet
P2 SRB Paper Sheet
Thickness:3.0/50.0mm, tolerances according IEC893
Standard sheet size:2800x1300mm and 1400x1300mm
Note:Phenolic paper laminate offering good mechanical and electrical properties in low voltage applications. The maerial offers excellent machining characteristics and punching quality up to 2.5mm.
Part No  Thickness (mm)  
PAP02.4CP  2.4  
PAP03.2BK  3.2  
PAP03.2N  3.2 
PAP06.4  2.4  
PAP09.5BK  9.5 
PAP10.0N  10.0  
PAP12.0N  12.0 
PAP12.7BK  12.7  
PAP16.0N  16.0  
PAP20.0N  20.0  
PAP25.0N  25.0  
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