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Silicone Varnish Sleeve

Silicone Varnish Sleeve
Silicone Resin Saturated Braided Glass Insulating Sleeving - Vidaflex 111
Thermal Classification:Class C 220C
Electrical Strength:0.8kV
Note:CHARACTERISTICS: Vidaflex 111 insulating sleevings are manufacturered from braided "E" glass yarn imprenated with a silicone resin. Specially formulated silicone resin is applied as an aqueous solution and hence the manufacturing process has no significant envionmental hazard. At temperatures greater than 300C the silicone resin will be volatilized but will not leave a carbonaceous and conducting residue. Hence, providing the products are not subjected to excessive flexing, the glass sleeving will continue to offer air gap electric strength in dry conditions.
Part No  Size (mm) 
SVS10  10 
SVS12  12 
SVS16  16 
SVS20  20  
SVS25  25  
SVS30 30 
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