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Slotted Closed Ducting

Slotted Closed Ducting
Sotted Closed Ducting
Wiring Duct:Closed Slot
Material:High impact, self-extinguishing, warp-proof PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
Note:* Closed slot design facilitates easy installation or removal of cover. * Cut options wherever wire insertion/extension is necessary.
Slot Size:8mm
Part No Slot  W x H  Wires to be Contained  Length  
SDC025030   8mm  25 x 30  15-25pcs  2M  
SDC025060BK  8mm  25 x 60  40-45pcs  2m  
SDC040060BK  8mm  40 x 60  100-111pcs   2M  
SDC050050   8mm  50 x 50  80-90pcs  2M  
SDC060060BK   8mm 60 x 60  120-135pcs   2M  
SDC100100   8mm  100 x 100  300-400pcs  2M  
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