18.0 V portable electro-hydraulic pump

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B1300PLNew generation pumps are powered by an all new 36.0V 6.2Ah Li-Ion high capacity rechargeable battery providing independence and portability.Fitted with a maximum pressure sensor (EPS) for enhanced precision and repeatability of the maximum pressure cycle, and a pressure relief valve providing additional safety for the operator. These units feature the Smart Release system which automatically retracts the ram at the end of the operating cycle. The manual toggle button can be used to operate and release the pressure directly from the pump. (inhibited when the remote control is used for safety reasons). Oil top-up inlet for easy access to the oil reservoir. Extremely compact and suitable for a wide range range of applications. The Cembre logo acts as an indicator by changing colour to provide the operator with instantaneous visual confirmation of the pumps status, such as; pump ready, pump in use, end of cycle, cycle error, anomaly, maintenance required. The new design and ergonomic weight distribution allows the pump to be easily handled during use. The rigid structure of the plastic body ensures adequate mechanical protection and guarantees IP44M protection due to the presence of gaskets at the interface of the body shells. The ergonomically designed handle helps to increase operator comfort when moving the pump. Quieter operation, and the absence of vibrations ensure maximum operator comfort. Equipped with a 3m long high pressure hose complete with a male quick coupling on the pump and a self-locking female quick coupling. The pressure can be released at any time using the pressure release button. The unit features an OLED display to provide essential real time tool operating information including: – Operating mode selection (cutting, crimping or piercing) – Release mode selection (Smart release, manual release) – Minimum set pressure and snapshot pressure reached in bar/psi to allow verification of correct operation – Battery charge level – No. of cycles performed – No. of cycles before scheduled recommended maintenance – Motor temperature – Operational command (hand controller or manual on the pump)