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Petrol Powered Rail Drill

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LD-42PMAIN FEATURES:Cembre Rail Drilling Machines have been specifically designed for use in Railway applications, to provide a consistent and accurate hole, in all types of weather conditions.Due to their compact size, our drill can save considerable time by allowing direct operation in cases which would normally require removal of obstructions.Special twist drill bits can be used for hole diameters 7 to 27,5 mm on rail up to 45 mm thick. Whilst broach cutters can be used for hole diameters 13 to 40 mm on rails up to 50 mm thick. The drills are provided with a coolant system consisting of a reservoir and pump for use with suitable cooling lubricants.Connection to the rail drill is by a quick coupler.The units are lightweight and ideally suited for one man operation. PROPERTIES: – Minimum thickness of the rail: 7mm. – Maximum thickness of the rail: 40mm. – Weight: 19.5kg. – Motor Power: 1kW. – Displacement: 35.8cm3 – Engine: 4 Stroke. -Fuel: Unleaded regular grade gasoline. – Start: Rope pull. -Clutch: Centrifugal with automatic intervention.