Are you a Professional Tradesperson? Painter? Tiler? Landscaper? Builder?

Become a STAIN-PROOF® Accredited Applicator and add big $s to your income. This is a genuine free opportunity for responsible, experienced tradespeople from the building trades to either add to their business or start a whole new business.

There Is One Catch

We don’t train and accredit everyone who applies.

We are looking for responsible, energetic, smart tradespeople with enough experience for us to know you will do a great job.

Our products are world leading and it is important for us to find good people to work with them.

Free STAIN-PROOF Training & Certification

We will teach you to deep clean, protect and enhance natural stone & other porous surfaces, using STAIN-PROOF’s world leading products. We will also provide more advanced technical training as you gain experience and ongoing technical support

Full Access to Warranty System

Once you are trained and accredited, you get your own (free) login to our warranty system so you can provide our unmatched WRITTEN performance warranties up to 25 years to your customers.

All Training & Ongoing Support is Free

We earn our money when you are successful and buy plenty of STAIN-PROOF products on the job.

No schemes, no fees.

For more information about this great opportunity, please contact our customer support team.